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SNK Playmore’s Neo-Geo handheld gaming console leaked?

ne01At the moment in terms of “serious” handheld gaming consoles, there exists the latest Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PlayStation Vita, although one could make the argument that smartphones and tablets are slowly starting to take over the scene. However it seems that SNK Playmore has decided that there is still room in the handheld gaming console market and has decided to introduce a new system in the form of the Neo-Geo.

It should be noted that the photos above of the Neo-Geo are apparently leaked photos from the Japanese gaming blog, Famicom-Plaza, which means that an official announcement of sorts has yet to be made. The device, based on its rumored specs, features a 4.3” display and 2GB of internal storage which can be expanded via the SD card slot. It also reportedly measures 170x72x15mm and will sport a 2,200mAh battery, but its processor and RAM remain unknown for now.

The Neo-Geo device is also said to come loaded with 20 classic Neo-Geo titles which suggests that the software powering the device will include an emulator. These titles include:

What do you guys think? Is there a market for yet another handheld gaming console, or would you rather stick with either Nintendo, Sony or perhaps your smartphone/tablet?

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