Companies like Apple, especially like Apple, experience product leaks. Given how long the supply chain is, it’s kind of expected that somewhere along the way, someone told someone else something they shouldn’t have. Obviously Apple tries their hardest to keep a lid on these leaks, but it happens.

This is not a good thing for the company, clearly, but is it a bad thing for consumers? That’s what Apple is claiming. The company seems to be going after leaks over in China, and in a lawyer letter sent to some of the people involved, Apple is claiming that these leaks are actually “harmful” to consumers.

According to Apple, “Such situations harm the interests of consumers and Apple. Therefore, it is obvious that when the unpublished information about the design and performance of Apple’s products is kept confidential, it has actual and potential commercial value.” Like we said, these leaks are a bad thing for Apple but we’re not sure we agree that it’s bad for consumers.

After all, certain leaks do a good job at getting people hyped up and excited for future products. Sure, some might see these leaks as being a spoiler of sorts, but what do you think? Do you think leaks are as harmful to consumers as Apple is making them out to be?

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