Earlier last month Japanese gaming company SNK teased that they were planning on reviving one of their older, classic consoles, the Neo Geo. The company has yet to officially unveil the device, but YouTuber Spawn Wave has uploaded a video onto his channel in which he reveals what the console looks like based on images emailed to him by a “trusted source”.

Based on the images, it certainly looks like the silhouette that SNK teased in their photo. According to Spawn Wave, the console is said to feature a 3.5-inch display and will feature a built-in joy-stick and button set. Apparently this console was designed for portability, although it does look a bit awkward to bring around with, but admittedly it does look rather cute.

The console will also support additional controllers whose images have been leaked as well, showing that they will come in a white/black variant. It will also come preloaded with 40 games from SNK’s franchises which include King of Fighters and Metal Slug. Safe to say it should be taken with a grain of salt for now as SNK has yet to officially announce anything, such as pricing or availability.

As Spawn Wave points out, if his video does get taken down, then there is a chance that the leaks could be right.

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