Apple HDTV rumored to cost $1,499Over the past few months we’ve heard a lot of rumors about Apple’s supposedly upcoming HDTV. While we’re not certain if such a device is on the way, close to completion or even nothing more than a myth, but Best Buy seems to have ideas of its own – according to a customer survey recently sent out from the company. In the survey, Best Buy basically asks customers about their thoughts on an “Apple HDTV”, trying to gauge their reception towards such a device.

According to the survey, they have some sort of idea (or educated guesses) to what the Apple HDTV will be like: a 42″ TV that runs on iOS, support iCloud, remote controllable by an iOS device, have access to Netflix, YouTube and Flickr (basically Apple TV that’s been fused with a display), an “iSight” camera for hosting video conversations and will carry a premium price tag of $1,499. What do you think of that price tag? Too pricey for your tastes?

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