Battlefield 3When Activision introduced Call of Duty: Elite to the world, people were in uproar about having to pay for additional services. While it didn’t go down well with the crowd, it still didn’t stop the service from being used, and it looks like it could be a model worth copying – at least in the eyes of EA. According to reports online, EA’s boss, John Riccitiello, was quoted as mentioning to analysts: “Frankly, I gave a compliment to one of our competitors. It’s got a subscription on the back end of an FPS title. I think that’s a best-in-class performance.”

And while it wasn’t confirmed then, EA’s upcoming DLC announcement that is expected this week could possibly see the introduction of a paid subscription model from the company – i.e. a paid version of Battleblog which will give premium users additional features and free access to all DLC content for Battlefield 3. Would you be keen on paying for such a feature, or is Battlelog/Battlefield 3 fine the way it is now? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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