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2021’s Battlefield Could Feature Call Of Duty Like ‘Perks’
Last year, EA confirmed that they will be launching a new Battlefield game in 2021. Not much is known about the game except that it will be released this year, but we might now have some additional info thanks to prolific Battlefield and Call of Duty leakster Tom Henderson, who shared some details about the game.

Battlefield 6 Details Leaked
A new Battlefield game from EA is expected to be released later this year. Not much is known about the game at the moment, but thanks to a video by Tom Henderson, also known as LongSensation who has leaked Call of Duty and Battlefield game details in the past, we might have an idea of what to expect.

Next Battlefield Title Will Arrive In 2021
The last time a major Battlefield title was released was back in 2018 which came in the form of Battlefield V. Unlike Activision’s Call of Duty, EA’s Battlefield series typically does not follow an annual release. With 2020 drawing to an end, it looks like we won’t be getting a new title this year, but that won’t be true for 2021.

A Battlefield 3 Remaster Rumored To Be In Development
Last year, EA confirmed that for 2020, they will not be releasing a new Battlefield game. However, for those who have been hungering for some new Battlefield content, you could be in luck because according to the rumors, it seems that there could be a remastered version of Battlefield 3 in development.


‘Battlefield V’ To Get One Last Standalone Update This Summer
The last time EA released a Battlefield game was back in 2018 with Battlefield V. This means that it is about time that the company prepare for a new Battlefield title, and as such, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that EA will be winding down on the major updates made to the game.

EA Confirms That There Will Not Be A New Battlefield Game In 2020
Unlike Activision’s Call of Duty, EA’s Battlefield series isn’t necessarily released on an annual basis. For example, Battlefield V was released back in 2018 and in 2019, there were no new titles announced. However, if you were hoping that EA might announce a new Battlefield title next year, prepare to be disappointed.

Battlefield V Sold Less Than What EA Had Expected
The Battlefield franchise has been one of EA’s main staples where every year (or every other year) a new Battlefield game is released. Last year EA gave us Battlefield V, the latest title in the franchise, but unfortunately it seems that despite the game receiving pretty good feedback and reviews, it was not the hot seller that the publisher had anticipated.

Battlefield V’s Microtransactions Could Launch January 18, 2019
It’s not surprising that microtransactions are a thing these days that developers and publishers are adding to their games. EA’s Battlefield V is expected to feature microtransactions as well, although the company had stated back then that the feature will not be available at launch to give players some time to experience the game.

Battlefield V Discounted By 50% For Returning Players
EA’s Battlefield V was only released last month, but there have reports that claim that the game isn’t selling as well as its predecessors, so much so that it has been discounted very early on in its life. In fact the latest promotion run by EA, it seems that they will be discounting Battlefield V by as much as 50% for returning players.

Battlefield 5 PC Specs Revealed
If you’re more of a PC gamer and are thinking about potentially playing EA’s upcoming Battlefield 5 on the PC, then you probably need to make sure that you have the required specs to run the game. Thankfully the folks at EA and DICE have shared the the minimum and recommended specs needed to run the game on your computer.

Battlefield V’s Microtransactions Will Only Be For Cosmetic Items
While microtransactions are a lucrative model for developers and publishers of video games to pursue, in recent times it seems that companies are starting to dial back on how aggressively they push the model. The good news for those who weren’t fans of the model is that it looks like Battlefield V will be somewhat free of them.

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Will Only Arrive In 2019
One of the popular modes of games these days is the battle royale mode, which games like Fortnite and PUBG helped to popularize. This has resulted in recent games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V introducing similar modes to their games. Unfortunately for Battlefield V gamers, the battle royale mode is only expected to arrive in 2019.

Battlefield V Single-Player Trailer Released
While games like Call of Duty and Battlefield are known for their multiplayer aspects, there are some gamers who do appreciate being able to play a single-player campaign every now and then. While Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 dropped its single-player mode, EA’s Battlefield V has not.

Logitech Unveils Battlefield V Themed PC Gaming Accessories
EA’s Battlefield is set to be launched next month and if you’re looking for some new gaming accessories to get yourself ready for the game, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Logitech will be more than happy to oblige as the company has recently announced a bunch of new gaming accessories themed around Battlefield V.

Battlefield V Has Been Delayed To November 20
Back in May, EA announced Battlefield V, the next installment in the Battlefield franchise. They also announced release date for the game which was for the 19th of October. Unfortunately for fans of Battlefield and for those looking forward to Battlefield V, it appears that the game has since been delayed to the 20th of November instead.

Battlefield 1’s Summer Update Patch Has Been Released
Just yesterday the official Battlefield account tweeted that Battlefield 1 would be receiving a Summer Update patch in which it would be bringing about various improvements and changes to the game, one of which is that the game would finally be bringing 4K support for the Xbox One X.

Battlefield 1 For Xbox One X Gets 4K Support
With consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X, playing games in 4K resolution has become a default feature, whereas in the past things like resolution and framerate would often depend on how well the developer has chosen to optimize their game for the console. For those who are still playing EA’s Battlefield 1, there is good news for you guys.

EA Open To Battlefield V Being Cross-Platform
Back in the day if you bought a console and you wanted to play multiplayer games, you could only play with those who had the same console. This means that generally groups of friends would try to get the same console so that they could play with each other. These days it’s starting to change as developers are trying to make their games cross-platform compatible.

EA Planning More Hands-On Opportunities For Battlefield V
Earlier this year, EA officially announced Battlefield V which is currently set for a release on the 19th of October. However if you wanted a chance to check out the game ahead of its release, not to worry because this is something that EA is looking to do as the company is planning for more hands-on opportunities for gamers.

Battlefield V Open Beta Kicks Off This September
EA’s Battlefield V is set for a release on the 19th of October and if you’re interested in checking out the game before its release, you’ll be pleased to learn that EA has confirmed that the open beta for the upcoming game will be taking place this September. Given that it is an open beta it means that anyone who is interested in checking it can do so without necessarily […]