[MWC 2012] Nokia has unleashed new services at Mobile World Congress that is happening right now in Barcelona, Spain – where the Finnish smartphone manufacturer has finally seen the light and intend to make one’s experience on a Nokia Lumia smartphone complete with the use of Maps, Drive and Transport – in addition to a world class eReading service, not to mention the spanking new Nokia Life for folks who live in dynamic growing economies. We will concentrate more on Nokia Reading this time around, where this premium e-book and audio experience will add another dimension to your everyday use of the Nokia Lumia.

Nokia will be working hand in hand with some of the biggest publishers in the world, including Penguin and Hachette, and Pearson, where you are able to select from your own list of favorite authors, and if you prefer to be a little bit random, then there is the option to select from bestselling novels as well as an extensive selection of top local books in your own language. The service will integrate itself beautifully with the Lumia under the same “hub” and panorama experience. Does Nokia Reading make you want to pick up a Nokia Lumia handset?

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