These days, feature phones are no longer as popular as they once were, but it doesn’t mean that they no longer have a use. For those who are looking for a secondary phone and want something cheap and simple, feature phones can come in handy, especially since a lot of them boast quite long battery life.

If you are after such a device, then you might be interested in checking out the Nokia 2720 Flip. The handset was actually released in 2019 but it seems that after about two years, it has finally made its way to the US where you’ll be able to buy it from Verizon for $80, which is actually really cheap when you think about it.

Sure, it might not necessarily have the most powerful hardware or features, but like we said, chances are if you’re looking for such a device, processing power might not be at the top of your list. That being said, as far as features are concerned, the Nokia 2720 Flip will come with a 2.8-inch display, a physical number pad, and it will also support 4G connectivity.

It will also be powered by KaiOS and will also come with Google Assistant, a web browser, and it will also support apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, so at the very least you’ll still be somewhat connected. It will be available for purchase on the 20th of May if you’re keen.

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