Solar powered steampunk watchWant to tell the time in style? Forget about those future forward timepieces from Tokyoflash that sometimes makes it extremely annoying since there is a steep learning curve in knowing how to tell the exact time at a glance, as you revert to an era which never was – steampunk. This solar powered steampunk watch will rely on the power of the sun to power its mechanical turbine, which subsequently will be used to turn the dial and let you know of the current time. At least there is no sundial to worry about here. The full name of this timepiece? Brace yourselves, it is known as the “Ezekiel Empire Rosenstein Patent Solar Powered Turbine Steampunk Fob Watch”.

Yes sir, a brass turbine within will react to sunlight, where it will then spin to generate power and inform you of the current time. Of course, should you happen to not bask it under the sun long enough, there is always the good ol’ fashioned hand crank option. If you want to bring home this particularly interesting watch, you will have to part ways with $149.

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