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Steampunk Nintendo NES Controller Table Is Made From Reclaimed Parts
Are you a fan of retro video games and video game consoles? If you are, the image above you would have to agree is a sight to behold! Designed in the shape and style of the classic Nintendo NES controller, this is actually a coffee table that has been made out of recycled parts to resemble the NES controller and was designed by Charles Lushear and Bohemian Workbench. Measuring 40” […]

This Steampunk arm guard comes with a working Bluetooth keyboard
While there are keyboards that pair with your smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth, they’re probably not as interesting compared to this Steampunk arm guard that features an actual working Bluetooth keyboard strapped onto it. While the Bluetooth keyboard itself might be your run of the mill keyboard, the fact that it has been done up Steampunk-style complete with leather and brass makes it stand out from the crowd, and probably […]

Steampunk Lightsaber Flashlight
The Force is strong in this one – the Steampunk Lightsaber Flashlight that is the creation of one particular Star Wars fan who has her fair share of technological wizardry. Working together to be a rather nifty night light, you will need a plumbing extension pipe to complete the project. In fact, vent holes were also drilled around the pipe in order for the LED light to shine through, but […]

The Nintendo 3DS' sound levels get a boost thanks to this steampunk inspired speakers
If you love all things steampunk, you might recall earlier that we reported on a steampunk inspired Xbox 360 controller going on sale on eBay. If you’re more of a Nintendo 3DS gamer, then perhaps the controller might not really be for you, but perhaps these steampunk speakers might. Unfortunately they do not appear to be for sale, but they are an interesting concept, not to mention it does help […]


Steampunk Xbox 360 controller pops up on eBay
Steampunk inspired gaming controllers are certainly not new, but if you’ve missed your chance to buy one in the past, or if you’re wondering how to get your hands on one, a custom made steampunk Xbox 360 controller has popped up on eBay and is currently on auction. With 2 days left to go, the controller is currently priced at $66 although we wouldn’t be surprised if it reached into […]

Steampunk TIE Fighter is an object of beauty
When one takes something so futuristic and imbues it with steampunk qualities, you know for sure that you are in for a good time. Case in point, Sean Jensen who followed the Force in his heart and came up with this stunning looking version of a Steampunk Imperial TIE Fighter, the workhorse of the Galactic Empire. Of course, Star Wars vehicles and characters that share a Steampunk makeover is not […]

eCog Mercury Cover brings steampunk edge to Sony VAIO F notebook
If you happen to own a Sony VAIO F Series notebook, then you might want to spruce it up with this rather interesting number known as the eCog Mercury Cover. It definitely will not come cheap at a whopping $1,250 (sans notebook of course), but surely this will transform your notebook experience into a truly one of a kind affair. Constructed from scratch as a special commission by Sony America, […]

Steampunk laser gun is pretty dangerous
If you’ve played Rage, then you’re probably familiar with the Settler Pistol which is what this steampunk gun was based on. However instead of shooting bullets, this steampunk gun is equipped with batteries and shoots lasers instead! A 1.5W blue laser to be precise which not only has the ability to blind but can also burn skin as well, something you most definitely do not want to be swinging around […]

iCog Hades steampunk iPad keyboard case looks impressive
There are plenty of keyboard cases out there for the iPad, but if you’re looking for one that will definitely draw attention to yourself along with some funny looks, then perhaps the iCog Hades keyboard case for the new iPad might be worth checking out, more so if you happen to be a fan of all things steampunk.

Steampunk Portal gun is impressive
For those who play Portal, you guys might have recognized the gun up there, which was designed by batman-n-bananas. Also, just like the steampunk Nerf rifle that we reported on about a week ago, this particular D.I.Y steampunk Portal gun appears to have been put together using a variety of random objects, some of which you would never have guessed.

Steampunk Nerf rifle looks pretty menacing
We’ve come across several steampunk Nerf guns in the past, although they’ve largely been limited to handgun versions, so if you feel those aren’t as menacing as you’d like, perhaps this steampunk Nerf rifle ought to do the trick. Created by deviantART member, vanbangerburger, this steampunk inspired Nerf rifles sports a couple of steampunk accessories and a new coat of paint, and even comes with a pair of steampunk goggles […]

Steampunk inspired heels feature built-in LEDs and a remote control
We’re not usually in the habit of covering clothing since we can hardly be described a fashion blog, but when the clothes come with built-in LEDs and a remote control, well that’s a whole different story, and such is the case with this pair of steampunk inspired lace and jeweled heels that features it own set of LEDs and with a remote control that allows the wearer to change the […]

Solar powered steampunk watch
Want to tell the time in style? Forget about those future forward timepieces from Tokyoflash that sometimes makes it extremely annoying since there is a steep learning curve in knowing how to tell the exact time at a glance, as you revert to an era which never was – steampunk. This solar powered steampunk watch will rely on the power of the sun to power its mechanical turbine, which subsequently […]

Steampunk Gun Victorian Airsoft Spring BB Pirate Air Captain Sidearm
Nerf guns might have gotten the steampunk treatment in the past, as with guitars, and it seems that this trend is set to continue with the Steampunk Gun Victorian Airsoft Spring BB Pirate Air Captain Sidearm. I know, it can be quite a mouthful, but for $19.99 sans shipping, this one-of-a-kind firearm is the handiwork of a certain tongue-twisting MGySgt Ivan Tromovski. It seems that Ivan, being a time travel […]

Steampunk guitars transcend time and space
We took a look at a steampunk Nerf gun yesterday, and here we are with a steampunk guitar this morning. This neo-Victorian era inspired art has been fused with modern style technology, resulting in an extremely cool looking guitar. Some say that this is a perfect piece of art, never mind if you are a geek or a guitar lover. Tony Cochran is the person behind this steampunk guitar (and […]

Steampunk inspired pocket watch is solar powered
Steampunk designs can be quite awe-inspiring due to the level of attention paid to the details, and if you’re looking to complete your steampunk cosplay outfit, this steampunk inspired pocket watch might just be the accessory you need to complete your costume. Even more interesting would the fact that it’s solar powered, which to be honest is really quite unexpected since we probably figured it would be most likely be […]

Sony Vaio F series laptop gets the steampunk treatment
If you’re a fan of “steampunk” designs and you’re into modding your laptops, you might want to check out this sweet looking case mod from John “Wilhem” Dunn. The folks over at Sony recently invited him to talk about a Sony VAIO F Series which he gave a steampunk makeover. While we don’t find out how he gets the job done, we get a chance to see close ups of […]

Steampunk inspired hard drive enclosure will cost you $1,200
Fans of all things steampunk might want to add this steampunk hard drive enclosure by Will Rockwell to their collection. As we said, this is an enclosure for a computer’s hard drive and according to Will Rockwell, you should be able to fit just about any hard drive into it, including a Lacie Big Drive.

Steampunk Xbox 360 controller
How big of a steampunk fan are you? Are you a fan enough to blow $999 on a steampunk modified Xbox 360 controller? Well even if you don’t think you’d be willing to drop that amount of cash, here’s what you can expect should you change your mind. 

Steampunk inspired Nerf gun
Are you a fan of Nerf guns? Are you also a fan of all things steampunk? If you answered yes to both, then it looks like you’re in for a treat. Even if you answered no, we’re thinking that this steampunk inspired Nerf gun should be pretty interesting nonetheless.