It looks like there’s a pretty high chance we’ll be seeing a new Apple TV being announced at the unveiling of the next-generation iPad tomorrow. According to the folks over at MacRumors, there’s been a huge shortage of Apple TVs in the US recently, with as many as 98% of Apple’s 246 US stores listing the product as out of stock. And no, it’s not because everybody has been buying up all the Apple TV set top boxes over the past few weeks.

With the iPad 3/iPad HD allegedly packing a 2048 x 1536 display, Apple is bound to update its iTunes store with 1080p content since its tablet is more than capable of supporting it, and if that is the case – it’ll need a new Apple TV to handle the higher-resolution content. Well, nothing is confirmed at this point and everybody could be reading in a little too much into the lack of Apple TV stock. After all, it could even mean that Apple has decided to discontinue the Apple TV if we were to take these reports negatively. We’ll just wait one more day before we come to a conclusion.

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