Bone Transmission Headphones

We have seen bone conduction Bluetooth headsets from Aliph before, where the Jawbone range claims to offer crystal clear clarity to the other person on the line, although you might be in the midst of a rave party. Well, Evergreen has another device which toys along the same line of thought – the Bone Transmission Headphones. It seems that you no longer need to use your ears to hear music, as you can send it right to your brain using your skull as the “mode of transportation”. Sure, the downside to it would be freeing up your ears to listen to ambient noise, but that is actually the whole point of the Bone Transmission Headphones. After all, you do not want to jog down the road and fail to hear the blaring horn of an out-of-control car right behind you, right?

Needless to say, audio purists will wonder just what kind of audio quality will they get, and Evergreen claims “they give you a sense of hearing live music that you can’t get listening through headphones.” I guess that does not say too much about the quality, so one would suspect average at best. Hey, no one can have their cake and eat it, so you still need to come to a compromise on certain matters, don’t you think so? Expect the Bone Transmission Headphones to retail for approximately $36 after conversion.

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