As most you Diablo 3 fans out there have probably realized by now, the game has been delayed, and it looks like Blizzard does not want to delay it any further than necessary which is why they have announced that the PvP aspect of Diablo 3 will not be shipped with the game upon its release. Instead, Blizzard will be introducing the PvP system in a patch following the game’s launch.


According to the Diablo 3 blog, Jay Wilson has acknowledged that the PvP system is not up to their standards, but instead of delaying the entire game for one aspect of it, which would not be fair to everyone else who may just want to play multiplayer or solo, Blizzard has decided to ship Diablo 3 sans PvP. We have to admit that PvP content isn’t for everyone, especially those who are more inclined to questing with friends and exploring the game rather than going head-to-head against other players.

While this move seems to go against Blizzard’s tradition of releasing games only when they have perfected it, but we guess they did not want to disappoint the legion of Diablo 3 fans out there. In any case, PvP fans out there might find solace in knowing that when Blizzard finally releases the PvP patch it will have been “perfected” with a ton of content for you guys.

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