So I heard that you liked LEGO as well as the classic handheld console from Nintendo, the almighty Game Boy with its monochrome display in the original iteration, not to mention the highly addictive Tetris Gamepak that came along as a bundle. Domaster and his faithful robotic bird companion, Tetrawing, are what you can see above, with more images of them in action after the jump. This is a truly classic creation that will merge two niches that nerds love – video gaming as well as a cult cartoon classic, the Transformers, in a single product. Not only that, the Domaster himself will be armed with a couple of blaster cannons, logically provided in the form of two AA batteries. You must be asking, why Domaster as the name? Well, it is the clever amalgamation of “Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound”, paying homage to the phrase on the original Game Boy. Are you drooling yet, and don’t you think that LEGO should come up with an official set themselves?

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