The SXSW Festival is definitely a fun place to be at if you love emerging talents in the music and film industries, and it has grown to be the highest revenue-producing event for the Austin, Texas economy – according to Wikipedia, raking in around $167 million just last year alone. This means it is a big enough event for companies to throw in the right amount of advertising dollars, and this year, we have a humongous vending machine that also doubles up as a stage for performers, where this stage-plus-vending machine will play its role as the platform (pun not intended) for Doritos to launch of their new “Jacked” tortilla chips. The Jacked Stage, as it is called, did host its fair share of musical performances over the weekend, ranging from Snoop Dogg to The Cool Kids and Gemma Ray. The vending machine is a 56-foot tall behemoth, making it roughly 50 times larger than the standard vending machine, and it was up to the engineering genius of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Real bags of Doritos with giant chips inside are also featured, hopefully there are no giants nearby who are hungry for a snack.

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