burritoboxHow does having robots make your lunch for you sound? One thing is for sure though, you will eliminate some of the possible hygiene issues such as a worker who had just scratched the crack of his rear end before fulfilling your order, or perhaps found some bit of ‘irritants’ in his nose with his pinky prior. Well, Burritobox has jumped aboard the robotic bandwagon by launching the first burrito-making robots ever at a couple of locations on Santa Monica Boulevard, where they are within Mobile and 76 gas stations.

This orange Burritobox will be able to churn out half a dozen types of burrito, where among them include a breakfast burrito, and several sauces. The customer will first need to select the burrito desired, as well as the kind of sauces that they would like from a touch-screen menu, before paying with a credit card. It takes a minute or so for the robot to roll out a piping hot “hand”-rolled burrito. Sure, it lacks the human touch right from the get go, but if you are always in a rush and cannot be bothered to carry out a conversation with other humans during your daily morning commute, what difference is there anyways?

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