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Luce L2 Tough TV Vending Machine Judges Its Customers
Ah, vending machines. These particular machines do serve a very useful purpose – sort of like being a mini convenience store of sorts, minus the manpower. Of course, the products that are available are also limited to the amount of space within, but when you have an entire row of vending machines that “specialize” in different items, then life ends up being a whole lot more convenient round the clock. […]

Rubbish Turned To Rewards At Vending Machines
Normally, what do you have in mind when you think about a vending machine? Most of us would think it to be a machine that accepts coins or notes in exchange for whatever item(s) that you would like to pick up inside. Well, it seems that a new paradigm shift might be introduced to the entire mix, where “reverse” vending machines are being installed in Sydney that allows you to […]

Dance Required For Vending Machine To Dispense Ice Cream
Japan is a country that has the highest number of vending machines per person, where such vending machines do sell just about anything that you can think of, from food to electronics and the like. Using them is a no-brainer – drop the correct amount of yen, make your selection, and voila! It is time to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Well, Seventeen Ice, a brand that set up […]

Crack Pipe Vending Machine Installed In Vancouver, Canada
Prevention is better than cure, so in an attempt to prevent the spread of disease, a Canadian non-profit has gone ahead to install the first crack pipe vending machines in Vancouver, Canada. These vending machines will allow drug users to purchase any number of Pyrex crack pipes that they require for a mere $0.25 each. This particular measure will hopefully reduce the rate of diseases that are spread through the […]


Burritobox Launches Burrito-Making Robots
How does having robots make your lunch for you sound? One thing is for sure though, you will eliminate some of the possible hygiene issues such as a worker who had just scratched the crack of his rear end before fulfilling your order, or perhaps found some bit of ‘irritants’ in his nose with his pinky prior. Well, Burritobox has jumped aboard the robotic bandwagon by launching the first burrito-making […]

Automated Wine Bar Serves You Drinks After Smartcard Transaction
Self-service seems to be the way to go, and human waiters as well as bartenders do seem to be a dying breed in the process as part of the “collateral damage” whenever restaurants and eating establishments deploy food serving robots. Well, a new wine bar that will be opening in the New York area intends to do away with the classic bartender, but rather, would prefer to have their customers […]

Strongbow Interactive Vending Machine
Strongbow has come up with a specially constructed vending machine in order to commemorate the launch of the new Strongbow Dark Fruit, where it merges Strongbow cider, blackcurrant and blackberry juices, to deliver a twist where refreshments are concerned, all as part of the brand’s EARN IT campaign. This unique and interactive vending machine will be placed at one of the UK’s busiest train stations, where customers are asked to […]

Facebook Like Machine Dispenses Pepsi
If only other companies would take the same route as Pepsi to offer freebies to the masses with Facebook Likes as the "currency" of choice.

Slender Vender, The World's Thinnest Vending Machine
Want to indulge in a little fizzy drinks on your own without feeling the weight of guilt bearing down on your shoulders? A can of Diet Coke ought to do the trick, and this time around, there is a brilliant marketing move by the folks over at Diet Coke who have come up with what they deem to be the “world’s thinnest vending machine”, calling it the Slender Vender in […]

Robot That Steals From Vending Machines
Sometimes, the ingenuity of some folk that you come across online is definitely worth writing home about. Case in point, French YouTube user ioduremetallique has shown the world that with a little bit of tinkering around robots (as well as being equipped to the brim with a whole load of knowledge on robotics), one is able to play tricks on the machine world. Sure, we have seen some intelligent robots […]

Vending Machines Act As Calorie Counters Now
Do you think that we are a nation who is obsessed with counting calories? After all, simple mathematics are supposed to follow, where one should burn more calories than one takes in order to lose weight. Well, we have long seen calories listed for the meal that we are about to partake, especially in the fast food realm, and it seems that the battle of the bulge is taking on […]

Coke Peak Shift Vending Machines In Japan
We all know that Japan is one country that is unbelievably clean, and the folks there do have a very high regard for the environment. Well, Coca-Cola Japan is doing its part by unveiling a spanking new range of innovative energy-saving vending machines that is known as Peak shift vending machines. These vending machines will be able to shift the use of power for cooling from the general daytime peak […]

EatWave vending machine serves up piping hot food
Vending machines that serve food do not do too well when it comes to hot food, such as porridge. After all, cold sandwiches are easy to store, but EatWave Vending of San Diego, California, has come up with the EatWave – a patent pending, fully automated and refrigerated vending machine that boasts of an internal microwave cooking unit. In a nutshell, EatWave is able to heat up your pre-packaged hot […]

Vending machine dishes out organic milk
When it comes to getting fresh milk, you can purchase yours off the shelf from the local store, or milk the cow in your barn, it cannot get any fresher than that. However, some of us who prefer to live out the organic lifestyle are able to check out this particular vending machine in the small British town of Kingham, where it actually dishes out organic, non-homogenized milk from Guernsey […]