judgy-vending-machineAh, vending machines. These particular machines do serve a very useful purpose – sort of like being a mini convenience store of sorts, minus the manpower. Of course, the products that are available are also limited to the amount of space within, but when you have an entire row of vending machines that “specialize” in different items, then life ends up being a whole lot more convenient round the clock. We are so used to vending machines serving us what we have selected, so much so that running into the Luce L2 Tough TV vending machine might come across as a culture shock to some.

Why do I say so? Well, the Luce L2 Tough TV happens to be one vending machine with an attitude – as this concept that hails from Rhea Vendors in Italy, judges you. Yes, you read that right – it will inform you of what you can and cannot eat, which would come in handy whenever you are on a quest to be more healthy in your dietary needs. Of course, during those weak moments when you want nothing better than to chow down on a bag of crisps, that the Luce L2 Tough TV Vending Machine denies you your choice of indulgence.

How does it work? It will make use of a complex sophisticated facial recognition software in order to figure out the mood of individual customers, making a guess on one’s visual health, shape and size. If it is also given permission to cross reference a customer’s medical history, it will be able to arrive at a more informed decision of what the customer can and cannot eat.

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