recycle-ozNormally, what do you have in mind when you think about a vending machine? Most of us would think it to be a machine that accepts coins or notes in exchange for whatever item(s) that you would like to pick up inside. Well, it seems that a new paradigm shift might be introduced to the entire mix, where “reverse” vending machines are being installed in Sydney that allows you to deposit recyclable waste – and you receive rewards for your good deed.

The City of Sydney claims that approximately 15,000 bottles and cans all over Australia are thrown into landfill waste or littered every single hour, skipping the recycling bus, making up approximately 58% of all recyclable material each year. The “reverse” vending machines hope to minimize such waste, and have been installed on Dixon Street in Haymarket and Alfred Street in Circular Quay.

Capable of holding approximately 2,000 bottles each before needing to be emptied, they will offer rewards on several levels as long as you deposit aluminium, PET and glass bottles. For instance, there are two-for-one food truck vouchers, a chance to win two tickets to the 2014 New Year’s Eve Festivities at Dawes Point, or perhaps to give our luck a run in a jackpot that lets you win bus tickets. Of course, you can take the altruistic road by donating 10 cents per container to Clean-Up Australia, too.

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