icecream-vending-machineJapan is a country that has the highest number of vending machines per person, where such vending machines do sell just about anything that you can think of, from food to electronics and the like. Using them is a no-brainer – drop the correct amount of yen, make your selection, and voila! It is time to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Well, Seventeen Ice, a brand that set up its first ice cream vending machine in Japan three decades ago, intends to celebrate that momentous date by introducing a new vending machine that will dispense the ice cream of your choice each time you dance for it.

Yes, dance for your ice cream, and not take the lazy way out by dropping a few coins. It is somewhat similar to the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game, where you will have to move your body to any of the 17 choreographed videos that the machine holds in order to start licking on your hard earned ice cream. This special machine will be placed for one day only on April 26th at the Shibuya Shop Plaza in Tokyo.

This is definitely one of the stranger vending machines that we have come across, especially the mode of its dispensation. Others too, have interesting content within – such as marijuana.

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