Now here is an idea that you might want to explore – the Instaprint location-specific photo booth, where it will be powered by Linux computers that in turn are hooked up to your mobile device over Wi-Fi, making it a snap to print out your Instagram photos. These digital memories will be realized in our physical world just like those old-school Polaroids, although the process is definitely far removed from the film development process of yore. For instance, this mobile device boasts Wi-Fi connectivity, and user-specific hash tags or locations will function as the cue to print the photos from your mobile device. Heck, if you are one who loves personalizing your shots, a comments feature is thrown into the mix. Currently, Instaprint remains a pipe dream, and hence is appealing to the power of the Kickstarter army to get the ball rolling, where half a million dollars is required by the end of April.

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