Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is very portable

Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger PianoIf you love the piano and want to play it wherever you go, there already tons of apps available on your smartphone for you to do so. However, playing the piano on a touchscreen just doesn’t do the instrument any justice, and it’s never as fun to do. Well, the Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano aims to change all that. Looking like some sort of weird glove used in some virtual reality system or archaic gaming console, the Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is exactly what you’d imagine it to be.

Slip the gadget onto your wrist, insert your fingertips into their respective “clips” and you’re good to go. All you need to do is press your finger down on a hard surface and its note will sound on the gadget’s speaker. With three volume levels, three sound banks (piano, bells and cat – yes, cat), and one full octave of notes you’re bound to have tons of fun with this instrument.

The Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is powered by 3 x LR44 batteries, and is available for purchase now from ThinkGeek ($39.99). Anybody planning to pick up one of these?

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