If you intend to spend you weekend tweeting while listening songs on the radio, you have to check out Stanley. Stanley is actually an interactive piano player that will be performing live beginning July 20 to 22. Yes, as of this writing, Stanley’s busy backstage preparing for his first show. But before you idolize Stanley, he’s actually a project created by the folks over at Digital Kitchen. Sorry girls, he’s wired to play the piano all day. But you can send your song requests via Twitter. So, how does it work?

Stanley is equipped with a computer that receives song requests via Twitter. The computer then queues the songs and sends a reply each time a song is ready to be played. Since Stanley has tons of songs stored on its MIDI library, it will send data to its hardware controller so that each note will activate a solenoid valve to play the keys on the piano. You can check out Stanley here. While the project is interesting, its creators have no plans of selling the piano player in the future. Instead, Digital Kitchen says that it will be hanging in the office waiting for his next big gig.

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