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Piano Projector Makes Learning How To Play As Easy As Rock Band
Learning how to play the piano is something we’re sure you’ve been meaning to do at some point in your life as there’s nothing more classy than being able to tickle the ole ivories at a dinner party. Finding both the time and money to learn how to play the piano is something we’re sure many of you haven’t been able to do, but now that there’s a projector system […]

Stanley interactive piano player takes song requests via Twitter
If you intend to spend you weekend tweeting while listening songs on the radio, you have to check out Stanley. Stanley is actually an interactive piano player that will be performing live beginning July 20 to 22. Yes, as of this writing, Stanley’s busy backstage preparing for his first show. But before you idolize Stanley, he’s actually a project created by the folks over at Digital Kitchen. Sorry girls, he’s […]

Land mine detector inspired by piano
When you were 17 years old, what was on your mind when asked how you were going to change the world and make it a better place to live? I am not quite sure how constructive my answer was back then, but Marian Betchel surely has a heart for humanity, where this 17-year old inventor came up with a land mine detector that was specially inspired by a piano. Yes, […]

Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is very portable
If you love the piano and want to play it wherever you go, there already tons of apps available on your smartphone for you to do so. However, playing the piano on a touchscreen just doesn’t do the instrument any justice, and it’s never as fun to do. Well, the Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano aims to change all that. Looking like some sort of weird glove used in some virtual […]


Quadrocopter gets into the Christmas mood and plays the piano
Can’t get enough of the cool quadrocopter? Well, since Christmas is just around the corner, this futuristic robot-copter is getting jolly too, as it’s programmed to play tunes on a piano. It’s dubbed the Echo and was recently performing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control. Check out a video of it after the jump, and wait for the end to see how things […]

Robot pianist won't bring the house down
Robots are funny things, where many science fiction movies and books have predicted an apocalyptic battle between man and machine, while others such as Star Wars have robots being either friend or foe, depending on how they’re wired. Well, it is comforting to know that the robot featured here will not rip off your head or shoot a laser beam in your direction the moment it spots you – instead, […]

Piano Computer Casemod
Computer casemods are always cool and this one is no different. This mod was created after someone salvaged a termite-ridden, non-functional piano, replaced the rotten wood and crammed in computer parts.. What you see here is the finished article, a rig that offers a 24-inch monitor and two 20-inch monitors. Technical specifications of the rig within include a Core i7 processor, 6GB of RAM, a 1TB SATA hard drive and […]

Mediano piano offers new lease of life to your regular piano
There is nothing quite like the sound of a piano being played live while you’re having your meal – it is soothing, adding a whole new atmosphere to the situation. Well, for those who think that they want to spruce up their home with a piano, they might want to consider the Mediano which not only offers a regular piano, it also boasts an integrated LCD TV to keep you […]

DIY Piano Gloves Let You Make Music
We’ve seen commercial piano gloves before, those that allow you to play the piano without the actual thing. Commercial gadgets are nice, but sometimes it’s the personal touch in DIY projects that make things special to you, and that probably is the case with Scott Garner’s DIY Piano Gloves. These gloves are able to track the user’s movements on any flat surface and play the corresponding piano notes. Check out a […]