Learning how to play the piano is something we’re sure you’ve been meaning to do at some point in your life as there’s nothing more classy than being able to tickle the ole ivories at a dinner party. Finding both the time and money to learn how to play the piano is something we’re sure many of you haven’t been able to do, but now that there’s a projector system that takes the guesswork out of playing the piano, we’re sure you won’t have to worry about actually learning how to play ever.

The Projected Instrument Augmentation system was developed by musicians and researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany. The way it works is it projects a series of blocks to indicate what key needs to be pressed next. If you’ve played games like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, you’ll be familiar with the note highway style of the projection.

The blocks move their way towards the keyboard and also come in different colors to indicate which finger should be used to play the note. Playing the wrong key will result in the actual key receiving a red highlight, while correct keys will be highlighted with a white light.

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