One of Square Enix’s most enduring gaming franchises would be Final Fantasy, where the slew of titles from the RPG line has given countless hours of joy to gamers everywhere for decades. However, it is safe to say that new twists to old genres need to be introduced to remain relevant and fresh, and Square Enix’s latest attempt to deliver Final Fantasy in a different light has resulted in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS – marking the first music rhythm game in the history of Final Fantasy. Rhythm game veteran indieszero is the mastermind behind this title, where Square Enix will deliver over 70 musical scores that span across 25 years in order to keep you enthralled. Some of the music featured hail from key events, lush field themes and decisive battle arrangements. There are RPG elements in it to keep up with the times, where you adventure involves combat that requires the rhythmic taps of your stylus. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the Nintendo 3DS will be released later this summer. Could this have been the mystery title we talked about in February? [Press Release]

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