Angry Birds SpaceRovio’s Angry Birds is many things, and the latest ‘hat’ that this mobile game will wear is that of being the fastest growing mobile game to date. This is made possible after achieving 50 million downloads within 35 days for Angry Birds Space, shattering all previous records of the Angry Birds franchise. When you think about it, it is mind boggling – after all, breaking down the figure would mean 1,428,571 downloads on average per day, and 59,523 downloads per hour, and if you want to go further and break it down to the minute, it would equal to 992 downloads. Of course, it does help that more and more platforms support the Angry Birds franchise these days, which means a larger user base should naturally translate to a higher download rate.

The same goes for how we judge box-office blockbusters, although with increasing ticket prices as well as tiered pricing for 3D/non-3D movies, the metrics are different in certain aspects, but as the world generally gets more developed and prosperous, you would have expected each year’s silver screen performance to improve. For those who have an iOS- or Android-powered device, then you would be on the receiving end of another 10 more levels of pig-popping ecstasy.

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