To celebrate Angry Birds 10th anniversary, Rovio decided to make a “Venting Machine” on which you can pass all your anger.

As part of its “Bring the Anger” campaign with the celebration, the idea of a ‘Venting Machine’ is almost the perfect thing one could have asked for.

The interesting thing is that it is not a high-tech machine, but just something that you can attack with your anger and in return – you get rewarded.

The Venting Machine will be available at Times Square on November 21. To get a prize, you need to punch, yell, or simply try to tip it over.

You just need to channel your anger at the Venting Machine. So, it should not be a difficult task to pull off.

In addition to it, some lucky winners will get the chance to get featured in a Billboard at Times Square (with your recorded angry act!). It looks like you might have a golden chance of becoming a celebrity as well.

There might be a chance to see these kinds of venting machines at other locations to promote Angry Birds. Until then, you can play around with it at Times Square and win some exciting goodies.

What do you think about the idea of a “Venting Machine”? Let us know in the comments.

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