Boomboxes may not be as popular these days compared to back in the day, but we’re sure that the boombox still has a loyal following somewhere. If you’re looking to bring the trend back you might be interested in checking out this Kickstarter project dubbed the Berlin Boombox by Studio Axel Pfaender, a collaborative project between Berlin-based Axel Pfaender and Brooklyn-based Annie Heringer.

The Berlin Boombox is essentially made out of cardboard and will be delivered to customers in the form of a DIY project that they have to put together themselves. While certainly looking like a boombox, it will be compatible with a good many of today’s gadgets. This is achieved through a 3.5mm audio jack that will pretty much connect to most of our smartphones or tablets. To top it all off, the Berlin Boombox is made from partially recycled cardboard which can be recycled again later.

If you want to learn more about the Berlin Boombox or pledge your donation, head on over to its Kickstarter page for its details. Its creators are currently aiming for a goal of $14,000 and have managed to secure about $3,500 at this time of posting.

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