iPod nano concept looks like a simplified iPhone/iPod touch

Ever wondered how else Apple could have designed the iPod nano? Designer Enrico Penello certainly has and has come up with his concept of what he thinks the iPod nano could or should have looked like. Staying true to the iPod nano’s earlier rectangular design, Enrico has taken that form factor, stripped it of its physical controls (save for the volume buttons) and given it a full touch screen interface.

If you’re thinking that this is merely the current iPod nano stretched out, think again. According to its designer, it will feature WiFi connectivity, a front-facing camera for FaceTime calls, weather status, Nike+ integration and a host of other apps that iPod nano owners are probably familiar with already, such as music, radio, images, etc.

The design also features a larger clip, a lower portion where the WiFi antenna is housed and a home button. In some ways this could be thought of as a simplified iPhone or iPod touch. If Apple were to release an iPod nano in this design, would any of you guys be interested?

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