ipod-nano-atmThe iPod nano is more or less an antiquated piece of technology, taking into consideration the functionality of smartphones these days that have long since doubled up as portable media players of choice for the masses. Having said that, is there any more use for the iPod nano? Apparently so, as thieves from Gatley, Stockport, England have managed to figure out a new way to make use of such old hardware – with some help from a duct tape, of course. The iPod nano has basically been transformed into a discounted ATM skimmer.

The Greater Manchester Police claimed that the thieves made use of the old iPod nano to record videos of depositors who have entered their PIN numbers, where it was working in tandem with a plastic contraption that has been attached to the card slot, harvesting carts which are ejected to be collected afterwards.

It remains to be seen whether anyone was affected by this modus operandi, but since the skimmer was specially designed to collect the cards themselves, in addition to their details, hopefully folks would have called their respective banks if they suspect anything amiss. I do know of certain banks that offer cardless ATM withdrawals – where a smartphone is required, perhaps that is the safer way to obtain money from your account.

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