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Apple Discontinues iPod Nano And iPod Shuffle
It’s the end of an era for iPod lovers. Apple has decided to discontinue the only two iPods in its lineup that did not feature internet connectivity. The company has confirmed that it’s no longer going to sell the iPod nano and iPod shuffle starting today. The webpages for both products have been taken down from Apple’s website.

New iPod Nano & Shuffle Won’t Get Apple Music
A couple of days ago, Apple launched new iPods. There is the recently refreshed iPod touch with brand new hardware, and the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, both of which got a new coat of paint. Unfortunately if you were hoping to be able to use Apple Music with the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, you’d be out of luck.As you can see in the screenshot above, it seems that […]

iTunes 12.2 Hints At Potential iPod Refresh
Last month Apple made it clear that the iPod would no longer be a priority to the company by removing a direct link to their iPod product page from their website. This doesn’t mean that the iPods have been discontinued, but rather Apple will choose to focus on less on it now than they did before.However it looks like the iPod might not be completely ignored. It has been spotted […]

iPod Nano Used It ATM Skimming Attempt
The iPod nano is more or less an antiquated piece of technology, taking into consideration the functionality of smartphones these days that have long since doubled up as portable media players of choice for the masses. Having said that, is there any more use for the iPod nano? Apparently so, as thieves from Gatley, Stockport, England have managed to figure out a new way to make use of such old […]


iPod Nano Inspired The Apple Watch's Design
The Apple Watch was announced last week and unfortunately it wasn’t the round display that many had assumed it would be. Now some of you guys might dig the design and some of you won’t, but if you were to think about it, doesn’t the Apple Watch’s design remind you of the sixth generation iPod nano?If you recall several years ago, Apple launched the sixth-gen iPod nano which had a […]

iOS 7 Concept Imagines The 6th Generation iPod Nano Running It
An iOS 7 concept imagines what the upcoming version of iOS would look like running on the 6th generation iPod Nano.

iFixit gives Apple's new iPod nano the teardown treatment, gives it a 5/10 for repairability
When it comes to buying new electronic equipment, ease of repair could be one of the factors that some take into consideration before making a decision. That being said, the folks at iFixit have gotten their hands on Apple’s new iPod nano and gave it the teardown treatment. In the process they have discovered that there are several components within the iPod nano which will make it pretty tricky to […]

iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and iPod nano arrives at the FCC
It goes without saying that the newly minted iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and iPod nano from Apple will be arriving real soon, so why not have them pay the mandatory visit over at the FCC before that? After all, Apple has this long standing tradition of timing their FCC filings for their new collection of shiny, highly sought after wireless mobile devices to appear upon the moment of announcement, […]

New iPod nano unveiled with larger display and Lightning connector
So it seems that earlier rumors suggesting an iPod nano refresh were pretty accurate as Apple has taken the wraps off their new iPod nano. If anything we can’t help but feel that it looks like a mini iPhone, and that’s a good thing given the iPhone’s rather iconic design. It also measures 5.4mm thin, making this the thinnest iPod nano Apple has ever created. It sports a 2.5″ multitouch […]

Next-gen iPod nano rumored to feature WiFi connectivity along with iTunes Music Cloud support
The other day we reported that thanks to stock shortages of the iPod nano on third-party retailers, such as Amazon and Best Buy, it was  speculated that the iPod nano could be seeing a refresh alongside the new iPhone in September. Here is “confirm” the news is Japanese blog, Macotakara, who has reportedly heard from sources in the supply chain overseas that the new iPod nano will feature WiFi connectivity […]

Apple reportedly planning new iPod touch and nanos for September
If you thought that maybe the design on Apple’s iPod touch and nano are getting a bit old and could do with a refresh, it seems that you might not have to wait too long for that to happen. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, he has recently released a new report suggesting that Apple could be releasing all new iPod touch and nano devices this September. So far both devices […]

iPod Nano redesigned to have an oblong body and a home button?
In case you’re worried that the above render depicts the next generation iPod-touch, fret not. It is only a concept rendering based on the latest rumors about Apple’s next-generation iPod Nano. Apparently the new media player will feature an oblong body with a rectangular screen as well as a home button. The new iPod Nano is said to be running on an iOS-lookalike operating system like the current iPod Nano.Rumors […]

The ibanglez is an iPod nano watch strap aimed at fashionable women
Let’s face it, when it comes to iPod nano watch straps, they can hardly be called fashionable. While they might appeal to the more geeky and tech loving crowd, we’re not sure if there are many girls who might be willing to sport such accessories. That was pretty much what ibanglez creator Dheeraj Mirpuri’s wife thought when she was unable to find an iPod nano watch strap that was fashionable […]

The SYRE is a Bluetooth enabled iPod nano watch case
Meet SYRE, The World’s First Bluetooth Enabled iPod Nano Watch Case! from Lion Hound Technology on Vimeo.We’ve seen our fair share of iPod nano watch cases in the past, but if you’d like a iPod nano watch case with built-in Bluetooth capabilities, then the SYRE Kickstarter project might be something worth taking a look at. Put together by Lion Hound Technology, they are boasting that this is the first iPod […]