“Look ma, no hands!” is probably one of your famous “battle cries” when you were younger as you attempt many things sans hands – such as eating a bowl of spaghetti, riding a bicycle, or performing some other equally silly stunts. Well, now that you are all grown up, a hand-less gesture will still come in handy if you are rocking to the free MagicReader app on your new iPad. This app will come in handy if you are a voracious e-book reader, as it enables you to turn pages through a simple motion of your head – without having to use your finger for that swiping gesture, of course.

The app was the brainchild of a two-man Japanese studio known as GimmeQ, and this is their sophomore public effort – which is definitely impressive, I say. How does the MagicReader app work? No, it will not use pixie dust to get the job done, but rather, relies on the iPad’s front facing camera to detect face turns, turning the page in reaction.

This means the battery will be taxed further, since the camera needs to be activated all the time, and if you are not reading a fast paced novel but are indulging in a self-help e-book instead, taking time to ponder over a particular paragraph by looking up once in a while might just influence a page turn. I am not quite sure of the sensitivity level though, anyone who has given MagicReader a go care to share their experience?

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