We use our smartphones everywhere we go. At work, on the way home, in class, while driving (which is a big no-no by the way), while eating, and even while on the toilet. Safe to assume our phones have been to pretty much all the places our hands have touched, meaning that it is a petri dish of bacteria that we put to our faces a couple of times day. Grossed out yet? Well if you are grossed out or if you’re really particular about hygiene, a Kickstarter project called PhoneSoap aims to alleviate your bacterial woes.

PhoneSoap is essentially a sanitizer with a phone charger built into it. No, it does not actually use soap or water to clean your device, but will instead use UV-C light to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on your phone. As it does not generate any heat and is apparently 99.9% effective at killing off germs, bacteria and viruses, your phone should not be at risk while using it. As it features access for both micro USB and Apple’s 30-pin dock connector, users will be able to charge their devices while sanitizing their phones at the same time.

For more information about PhoneSoap or to pledge your donation, or to learn more about the bacteria and viruses we collect on our phones, head on down to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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