The modern workforce has moved from a labor-intensive one to a knowledge economy, and with this, you would have seen the shift from a dark and dusty factory to that of a well lighted office, as we are dressed in our ties and suits while sitting in front of a computer for the better part of the day. There is a danger in this, as those of us who did not cultivate a good posture when we were young, might end up slouching more and more with the monitor in front. Designer, developer and entrepreneur Tobias Sonne decided to do something and arrest this situation by designing the Posture Suspenders.

It is said that nearly 50% of all working Americans do suffer from back pain symptoms of one kind or another, and annually, the cost to treat such back pain can amount to a hefty amount. All this because of poor posture, and Tobias hopes his Posture Suspenders will change things thanks to the clever implementation of conductive stretch fabric stripes that are attached to a normal pair of suspenders. Whenever the suspender stretches, the conductive fabric will also see a change in electrical resistance, where it can then send an alert to the wearer as a reminder to sit up straight.

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