We humans are emotional creatures, and sometimes, it leads us to do crazy things – something that robots as well as other digital lifeforms are unable to comprehend, not now, and never in the future. Samsung might help change the course of such thinking though, where a recent patent application saw the South Korean conglomerate piece together a method that will be able to recognize the emotions of an individual depending on action units (otherwise quantified as AUS). Just what are AUS? No, it is not the short form for Australia, but they are actually components of a facial action coding system which was specially programmed to reference the contractions of facial muscles. There is a grand total of 30 units, and it will take a fair number of AUS to combine in order to form a particular string which when referred to Samsung’s database, will match it to the nearest emotion label. Perhaps future Galaxy range smartphones from Samsung will be able to tell whether you are happy or sad?

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