Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S3 rumor. We guess we can’t help it given how popular the device is, plus the fact that it remains a mystery and how both of its predecessors have done incredibly well for itself, it sure is a device that many are looking forward to. Cutting straight to the chase, the latest piece of rumor from the Galaxy S3 rumor mill is regarding the design of the device itself. Assuming the rumors are to be believed, it seems that the Galaxy S3 could be featuring a physical home button much like the Galaxy Note, as opposed to following the design of the Galaxy Nexus.

Also just like the Galaxy Note, the Galaxy S3 will be utilizing a 5 column design for its UI. This shouldn’t really be an issue as we’re sure that many Android users will probably just end up rooting the device and flashing a custom ROM in its place. According to the Korean Digital Daily, the issue regarding the physical home button was a topic of hot debate in Samsung, with some voting for it while others were opposed for it, but supposedly those in favor of it eventually prevailed right before it hit production.

In any case as with all rumors, we will be taking this with a grain of salt for now. Assuming Samsung keeps to their timetable of a mid-year launch, we guess we don’t have to wait much longer before the truth has been revealed.

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