Vending machine dispenses freshly cut apples

We have covered our fair share of vending machines over the course of this year, and there does not seem to be any stopping of such news from making the headlines yet again. The latest vending machine to hit the news would be this particular model in downtown Tokyo, in particular, the Kasumigaseki subway station or the Suidobashi subway station, where it dispenses fresh cut apples after you drop in enough yen, of course.

The brainchild of M.V.M Shoji Co., Ltd., there are three of such vending machines throughout Japan, where they will carry apples from the Aomori Prefecture that is located in the northern mainland of Japan. I guess there ought to be enough quality in each bite to have enough people purchase them cut apples, since the apples come from one of the most famous apple growing regions in Japan. There is half an apple in each package, delivering approximately 42 calories of nutritional goodness to your body. Vitamin C and calcium have been added for superior freshness and that familiar, crunchy taste.

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