It would take a fair bit of skill and understanding to make an inference of a particular subject or piece of text, and today, we hear of someone spotting an iOS 5.1.1 error message which carried some very interesting implications with it – the possibility of a 3G FaceTime, of course. First reported by the Romanian Apple website iDevice, it seems that the warning message would pop up should an iPhone that runs off the most recent iOS build holds an active FaceTime call over a Wi-Fi connection. When the user disables the “Enable 3G” option in the Setting application, a warning message will then appear, touting that “disabling 3G may end FaceTime.” The FaceTime video call over Wi-Fi, however, will continue uninterrupted even if you have turned off the 3G connection.

Apart from that, iOS will also show off a different warning message with 3G connectivity revived from the ‘dead’, and even so, the FaceTime call over Wi-Fi will not be interrupted. Do you think that this iOS 5.1.1 error message is a confirmation of 3G FaceTime?

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