Apple’s FaceTime pretty much just allowed users to video and voice call with each other. It was a pretty basic feature but it worked, and it also works across iOS and macOS devices which makes it more convenient. However, for those who were hoping for a more feature-rich experience, Apple has delivered.

At WWDC 2021, Apple announced a bunch of new features that will be coming to FaceTime that will make it a lot more collaborative than it used to be. This includes a new feature called SharePlay which allows users to watch TV shows and movies with your friends while you FaceTime. The feature even allows for synched playback and controls, so everyone will be watching the same thing at the same time.

SharePlay will also include audio where you can listen to albums together, add songs to the playlist together, and more. Last but not least, SharePlay will also support screen sharing where you can use it for work or school or for fun where you can share your entire screen or a specific app. This might be useful if you’re looking to do some kind of presentation or teach someone how to do something on their computer.

These features will be coming to FaceTime later in the year. Also, Apple had earlier announced that FaceTime will also be supported on Android and Windows through a shareable link that let’s non-iOS and non-macOS users hop in on FaceTime calls.

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