With smartphones and tablets having gained dominance in today’s society, we guess it was only a matter of time before our homes started getting smart as well. AT&T has recently announced their plans for a consumer home automation along with a suite of security services that can be controlled via the home owner’s iOS device. The trial of AT&T’s upcoming service is expected to begin this summer and will be known as the “AT&T Digital Life”. Not only will this service be controllable via mobile devices, i.e. iPads, iPod touches and iPhones, but it can be controlled via the web and will allow the home owner to control a number of things in their home.

This includes the thermostat, power outlets, garage doors, lighting along with the ability for owners to keep an eye on their home’s security. Interestingly one of the unique features of AT&T’s Digital Life service compared to the others is that it has the ability to detect water leaks. Owners will then have the option to turn off their water supply to prevent further leakage. Pretty cool, huh? The trial service will kick off this summer in both Dallas and Atlanta. Be sure to check out the video above for more info!

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