Facebook logoFacebook seems to have found new ways of monetizing itself, and it ain’t too different from the real world, either (and we are not talking about purchasing pizzas here). Basically, the paid Highlight feature will let content that you want others to view for a small, small fee of $2. It might not sound like much to those of us living in First World countries, but folks living in developing and Third World countries will definitely find it expensive, considering some of them survive on $2 or less a day. Money-making opportunities aside, at least you know the Facebook apps that you use are constantly being updated and upgraded, case in point, Facebook for Android which has just been updated today.

Most new updates will offer not only fresh features, but bug fixes as well, and the same applies to Facebook for Android. We do know that it has made a quantum leap in terms of messaging, as users can now create group messages right from their smartphones, in addition to adding new friends to current group messaging sessions. Not only that, the update is also capable of fixing up various bugs as well as reintroducing the home screen shortcuts to let you share photos and messages. Facebook for Android 1.9.3 is a free download, and it varies from device to device in terms of size.

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