So we’ve seen that it is possible for customers to order pizza online, through the phone, via a mobile app or simply by pressing a button, but what about Facebook? Given the reach of the social media giant, letting all your friends know what pizza you ordered would certainly be a great way for free publicity, right? Dominos seems to think so as well and has since launched an app within Facebook that allows users to order a pizza while surfing the social networking website.

This service is currently limited to the Australian and New Zealand markets, but depending on how well it is received it could eventually branch out internationally. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Pizza Hut attempted something similar a couple of years ago but unfortunately their efforts have slowly faded away and eventually saw the removal from its page. Will Dominos’ Facebook efforts prove to be more successful? We guess we will have to wait and find out. So if you’re living in either Australia or New Zealand, pop on over to Dominos’ Facebook page for the details or to place your order!

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