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Mass Effect has definitely had its share of the news recently with the Mass Effect 3 DLC being briefly spotted after which it was removed. For Android-based pocket gamers on the other hand, it seems that EA has come out with a version of the game called Mass Effect Infiltrator that is now available for purchase in the Google Play Store. The game is apparently closely related to Mass Effect 3 and runs along a storyline that is said to be the “original Mass Effect” one.

According to Google Play, it offers massive exteriors, a fully resized Cerberus base, intensified audio, a console-like experience and ground-breaking graphics, with both manual and assisted aiming. In addition to that, the game also apparently offers users a method to roll and dive with just an on-screen swipe. On top of all that, by playing the mobile game, your Mass Effect 3 Galaxy Readiness rating can also be increased by uploading valuable intelligence that can be uploaded to ‘Galaxy at War’. Furthermore if you complete the mobile game, it increases your ‘War Assets’.

If you’re looking to purchase the game for $6.95 from the Google Play Store, make sure you’re on Wi-Fi so you don’t incur additional and unnecessary data-related charges because the file is gigantic at 450MB. If you want to purchase it now, you can just click here to head straight into the Google Play Store and get into character as a CERBERUS agent gone rogue.

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