If you love concept cars or if you like Mini Coopers, you might be interested in checking out what Sonny Lim, a former Senior Designer at BMW’s DesignworksUSA in Singapore has cooked up. Dubbed the Mini Zero, this particular concept features a Mini that’s slightly smaller than the current Mini Coopers, but slightly longer than the cancelled Mini Rocketman. It features a more modern and sleek look while managing to retain the trademark Mini design, which we have to admit looks pretty good.

Will we be seeing something similar when Mini launches their third-gen hatchbacks in 2013? While that remains to be seen, what we do know is that Mini’s third-gen hatchbacks are expected to be a radical departure from the current design. Future Mini’s are also expected to be powered by turbocharged three cylinder engines and will be moving to a new modular F-platform, a platform shared by BMW’s front-wheel drive models and could lead to additional four-door Mini variants. What do you guys think? Is the Mini Zero a car you wouldn’t mind owning?

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