In celebration of 100 years of BMW Motorrad, renowned customizer Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom has created a jaw-dropping masterpiece – the BMW R 18 “The Crown.”

With his exceptional craftsmanship and creativity, Oehlerking has taken the R 18 to new heights, crafting a one-of-a-kind big boxer motorcycle that embodies power, elegance, and innovation.

The R18 “The Crown” (Photo courtesy  of BMW)

Dirk Oehlerking’s Kingston Custom has long been associated with crafting unique and extraordinary motorcycles. For over 30 years, he has passionately dedicated himself to creating unusual and distinctive bikes in the Ruhr region, inspired by industrial culture and craftsmanship. The R 18 “The Crown” is the culmination of his passion and expertise, representing the essence of his previous creations.

Striking Design and Advanced Technology

To bring his vision to life, Oehlerking started with a new BMW R 18 and embarked on a meticulous process. Using hard foam and cardboard, he sculpted the shape, lines, and design of the bike. The goal was to achieve a powerful, elegant, and fast appearance with an innovative edge. The result is the R 18 “The Crown,” a bike that stands as a testament to his skill and imagination.

The design concept required significant technological modifications. Oehlerking constructed a completely new front wheel suspension, featuring a double-sided swinging arm with a central suspension strut. This innovative adaptation perfectly complements the striking design of the motorcycle.

The R18 “The Crown” (Photo courtesy  of BMW)

Handcrafted Excellence

Attention to detail is evident throughout the R 18 “The Crown.” Oehlerking crafted the 8-liter fuel tank and body parts from 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal, meticulously cut, bent, and shaped by hand. The two stainless steel exhaust manifolds were also entirely handmade, adding a touch of artistry to the bike’s overall appearance.

Integrating numerous standard components seamlessly into the concept, Oehlerking ensured that the headlight, instrument, switch units, and footrest system harmoniously complemented the R 18 “The Crown.” He incorporated Magura’s clutch and handbrake fittings, Wunderkind’s rear mudguard and brackets, and a saddle made of 2 mm thick aluminum sheet metal covered with genuine leather.

The R18 “The Crown” (Photo courtesy  of BMW)

A Regal Finish

As the finishing touch, Oehlerking adorned the R 18 “The Crown” with a Champagne Platinum paint finish, enriched with mother-of-pearl elements. The BMW brand emblem, gracing the bike with a small crown, completes the regal aesthetic, truly befitting the bike’s name.

The R18 “The Crown” (Photo courtesy  of BMW)

Unveiling the Masterpiece

The BMW R 18 “The Crown” will make its grand debut during the BMW Motorrad Days in Berlin, held from 7 to 9 July 2023. This exclusive unveiling marks a milestone in the legacy of BMW Motorrad and showcases the artistry and innovation of Dirk Oehlerking’s exceptional craftsmanship.

This exciting motorbike is indeed a remarkable fusion of art and engineering, elevating the R 18 to new heights of grandeur, embodying BMW Motorrad’s 100-year legacy, and captivating motorcycle enthusiasts and art aficionados alike at its unveiling. What’s your opinion about it? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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