New research studies are trying to prove how our homes have gone hi-tech. According to ABI Research, approximately 27 million households in the U.S. have either an Internet-ready TV, game console, Blu-ray player, or smart set-top box connected to a home network – that’s more than one in five U.S. households. Based on the research, gaming consoles are the most likely to be connected to the Internet taking 80% of the chart.

Internet TVs cover 27% of the pie while Blue-ray players (standalone) are up at 24%. Smart set-top boxes come in last with just 13% of them wired to the web. Surprisingly, the research also showed that a large number of customers, mostly those who have Internet-ready TVs, have not connected their devices to their home network. But ABI research thinks that the numbers will increase by 60% in 2017, painting the idea of how much wired we will become anytime soon.

“Game consoles got an early lead in the connectivity space when Microsoft’s Xbox 360 launched in late 2005. Multiplayer gaming, along with the attention devoted to features outside of gaming from all three key console manufacturers, Microsoft and Sony in particular, have helped catapult the game console to the top of the connected CE space,” ABI senior analyst Michael Inouye said. While we cannot really guarantee the accuracy of the research, it is still a very interesting topic to talk about.

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