For the most part, we reckon that a TV around the 50-55 inch range is plenty big, especially if you don’t have a very big house or apartment. Also, TV prices around that size are also relatively affordable, so it does make it a nice blend of being good value for money while being big enough to watch your shows or play games on.

However, we imagine that some of you might want TVs that are even larger, maybe those above the 90-inch range. If you’ve ever browsed some TVs in those sizes, that mini heart attack you felt when you saw the prices, we’ve all been there, but there is some good news.

TCL has announced at CES 2022 a new XL series of televisions. One of which will be a massive 98-inch QLED TV that the company says will be priced at under $8,000! Now, we know that $8,000 is still pretty expensive and it is a lot of money, but like we said, if you look at TVs at those sizes from other brands, you’ll quickly realize that for $8,000, it’s almost like a bargain.

The TV itself will feature the use of QLED technology and will also sport a 4K resolution. It will also be leveraging the Google TV platform, so if you have shows or movies that you bought from the Play Store, you will be able to access it through the platform.

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