Researchers Develop Ingestible Sensor To Track Your Vitals

There are many ways that one can track their health and fitness. You can rely on activity bands to count your steps, distance run, and some can even measure your heart rate to see if it is within a healthy range. However if you wanted more complex and detailed information on how your body performs, how does the idea of swallowing a sensor sound to you? Researchers at MIT have […]

Digital Pens Could Help Spot Brain Problems Early

For a while now, doctors have relied on tests where they get patients to draw objects like clocks to help diagnose if their brains might be have issues, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, as you can see in the drawings above. However by the time these tests are conducted, it might have already been too late. This is why researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have […]

Your Smartphone Battery Could Be Used To Track You

When we think about the ways we can be tracked, you might think of technology such as GPS, cookies, your IP address, geotagging, and more. However we’re pretty sure that not many of you guys have considered the possibility that your smartphone’s battery could actually be used to track your activity. According to a report from The Guardian, it seems that a group of researchers have discovered that smartphone batteries […]

Tablet Sales Are Apparently Continuing To Slump

While it’s probably a bit expensive and unnecessary, smartphones can be upgraded on an annual basis. Tablets on the other hand, not so much simply because for the most part, people tend to spend more time on their phones than their tablets, so the wear and tear on these devices would be less thus reducing the need to replace them. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to […]


Car Headlights Of The Future Could Do More Than Just Illuminate

At the moment the headlights of our cars help to illuminate the roads we are driving on at night, and while there are some cars with smarter headlights that will be able to follow the car’s turning around bends, Carnegie Mellon University’s researchers have come up with even smarter headlights that could make its way into vehicles in the future. These smarter headlights are basically programmable headlights that will help […]

Stanford Researchers Develop Fast-Charging Aluminum-Ion Batteries

Quick question – if you had to choose, would you rather have batteries that have a larger capacity, or would you rather have batteries that charge full in a shorter amount of time? If you answered the latter, you’re in luck because it seems that researchers at Stanford University have developed a new battery that they claim will recharge to full in a minute. Not only are these batteries supposedly […]

Transwall Touchscreen Display Allows For Two-Sided Interaction

Touchscreens have typically been a one-sided affair. Most of the interaction is done from one side of the screen, usually with the one facing you. This means sense as the display and the other components are found on the underside, so it wouldn’t make sense for the user to interact from the other side of the touchscreen, right? Well thanks to a team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute […]

IDC: Smartphones To Outship PCs 6 To 1 By 2018

We use our smartphones everyday to check our emails, respond to messages, compose documents, surf the web, listen to music, and play video games. Those are activities which can also be done on our computer, so does that mean that the smartphone could eventually replace a full fledged PC? Well while we doubt it will completely replace the PC, the IDC has recently revealed a new forecast in which they […]

Japanese Company Develops Organic Battery Made From Cotton

Most of the batteries we use in our electronic devices are either made from rare earth metals, could explode if punctured, or could eventually lose its capacity after being charged and discharged multiple times, but these are problems that Power Japan Plus are hoping to solve with an organic battery that they have delivered. Made out of organic cotton, Power Japan Plus’ batteries can not only generate more power than […]

The PaperFold Smartphone Concept Lets Users Add/Remove Screens As Needed

In the past we have long fantasized about tablets or phones that we could roll up and put into our pockets, like how we used to roll up newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately such a design would require flexible displays, which are on their way, but in the meantime a team from the Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have created a working prototype of a smartphone that allows users to add […]

Changing Fonts Could Save The Government A Lot Of Money

By now most of us have realized that different fonts come in different sizes and thickness. For example Arial Bold is naturally a lot thicker compared to Arial, and what this means is that the amount of ink required to print an entire page written in Arial Bold would naturally be more, compared to using fonts that are “thinner”. This is the realization that a 14-year, Suvir Mirchandani, stumbled upon […]

Researchers Develop Minuscule Windmills That Could Charge Our Phones

These days there are a couple of different ways in which we can charge our smartphones. This can be done through conventional methods, such as plugging it into a power outlet, or it can be done through “greener” methods such as solar charging or using kinetic energy, like cycling, for example. However a couple of researchers at the University of Texas Arlington, Smitha Rao and J.C. Chiao, have come up […]

Emotiv Lifesciences Christmas Party

Join us at The Old Mint for a fabulous evening celebrating the Holidays are Insight on Wednesday, December 11th. Check out this celebration of sensory oriented tech experiences, complemented by an OPEN BAR, appetizers and music by DJ Richard. Brought to you by Emotiv, “a bioinformatics company offering a unique platform for crowd-sourced brain research”. Enjoy complimentary cocktails, curated by HAN SPIRITS & ASIAN VODKA, wine by VIBRANT RIOJA, Lucky […]

Researchers Use Moving Vehicles And Windscreen Wipers To Measure Rainfall

While rain gauges are a good way to measure rainfall, the fact of the matter is that they can’t be placed everywhere, meaning that there will be areas where researchers might not have data on. In a bid to better understand rainfall in general, researchers from the University of Hanover in Germany have launched an initiative called RainCars, which basically takes advantage of cars with built-in GPS to measure rainfall […]