One of the features of modern day televisions is “motion smoothing”, also known as the soap opera effect where it makes shows on your TV look so smooth during playback that it feels almost unnatural. The feature is typically used in stores to show off the displays and what they can do, but using it in real-life is a very different story.

In fact actor Tom Cruise has decided to declare “war” on the feature and has since posted a video on his Twitter account where together with director Christopher McQuarrie (who directed Mission: Impossible – Fallout and is also helping to write Top Gun: Maverick, both of which star Tom Cruise), he essentially put out a PSA advising viewers at home to disable the feature.

According to Cruise, by enabling motion smoothing, it gives the show you’re watching a weird effect like it has been shot on a high speed camera, which while great for certain shows such as sports, isn’t that good when it comes to your favorite TV shows or movies. Cruise isn’t alone in trying to get viewers to disable this feature.

Other directors such as Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson have also “declared war” on the feature. That being said, this isn’t quite as easy as flicking a switch on and off. This is because motion smoothing, also referred to as motion interpolation, is being referred to by different names by different TV makers and are usually buried deep within the Settings menu, meaning that there is no universal guide on how to disable it.

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